We want to thank you for visiting or web site here at WJIC Media Ministries! If you’ve visited here, and you have not made a decision to enter into a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but desire to do so now, please feel free to pray this prayer in your own words: Lord Jesus, I thank You for revealing to me that I am a sinner, born into sin, and that sin is what separates me from a relationship with God. I agree with what You say, and I thank You for dying on the cross to pay for my sin. I invite You into my heart, I accept You as Savior and Lord, and according to Your Word, I enter into a relationship with God as my Father. I ask this in Your Name, AMEN! If you’ve prayed this prayer, we want to welcome you as our new Brother or Sister, and welcome to the first day of your eternal life in God! Reference Verses: Psalm 51:5; Romans 6:23; Romans 10:9-10; John 1:12-13

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